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Shrink-wrapped film for package

Shrink-wrapped or extensible film in polyethylene is a type of shrink- wrapped package that goes under heat-shrinking until about 50 % compared to its original size when it is subject to a heat source (oven, flame, hot air, etc), joining to the object around which it has been wrapped, guaranteeing protection to your package against water and strenghth during the transport.

How to use shrink-wrapped film

Shrink-wrapped film are suitable for every type of package. They are usable on every kind of machine for package (automatic or manual).

Shrink-wrapped film is particularly appropriate for multi-packs and high-speed welding that require a great flatness and rigidity.

Flexographic printing

Thanks to flexographic printing (Flexo) we give the possibility to customize your packaging.

Types of shrink-wrapped film

Thanks to our motor pool we can provide you the best custom-made shrink-wrapped film for your needs.
Flat surface Shrink-wrapped film

Flat surface Shrink-wrapped film

Film termoretraibile monopiega

Single ply shrink-wrapped film

Single ply shrink-wrapped film

  Tubular shrink-wrapped film in reels

Tubular shrink-wrapped film in reels

Bellows reel shrink-wrapped film

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Our staff is ready to offer you a detailed valuation of price or to give you information about shrink-wrapped film types you need. Send your requirement and we will contact you.

Shrink-wrapped film we could make

 Shrink-wrapped film Neutral PE

  • cm 27 x 90 thickness 50 micron

Shrink-wrapped film Neutral PE STM

  • cm 270 x 205 thickness 110 micron

Shrink-wrapped film – single ply – Neutral PE TRR

  • cm 75 thickness 200 micron pre-cut micron in reels
  • cm 80/160 thickness 200 micron

Shrink-wrapped cloth – PE covering- in reels- light blue micro perforated

  • cm 500 thickness 200 micron

Shrink- wrapped cloth PE – in reels – yellow

  • cm 400 thickness 250 micron

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